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Top Tips for a Better Wedding Day | Tip #9

Your wedding day can feel somewhat hectic; there are a lot of things happening, some of them in a relatively short period of time, and the expectations are always staying high.

More from a 'general day-run’ point-of-view, but also from the wedding photography-related point-of-view, the ideas and pointers in our Top Tips for a Better Wedding Day series, would help you - brides, grooms and other wedding planners - to enjoy a better, smoother, wedding day.

Top Tip #9: The show must go on

It must go on because in some aspects, that’s exactly what your wedding day is – a show; it’s a long-time planned, line-up associated event, with parts that sometimes are even being rehearsed for, both main and side actors are taking care of their ‘customs’ few weeks or even months in advance, and the people in the audience (guests) normally know what storyline to expect. And because social media isn’t going away anytime soon, most anyone involved would play their act the best they can (both the main players and the fancily dressed guests/audience) – because who would ever want to show that their show wasn’t the best in town?!

Therefore – as a show – it must go on! Meaning – if something changes, don’t freak out, don’t stress out, don’t let yourself go crazy just because of little changes.

For example, if you are 5-6 mins behind on your planned schedule – relax! Everybody would wait for you for few mins if needed, and everything is going to be just fine! (a tip about time planning for your wedding day here) After all - your guests are there to enjoy and celebrate with you. And they would still be happy for you, even if you are 5-6 mins behind, or if your hair got a bit messy in the outside wind, or if one of the back buttons of your dress has disappeared.

It’s REALLY all gonna be ok, and your wedding would still be fun. So – just relax and enjoy the celebration!

The show must go on! Even if it's not a super-crazy-fun-halloween-star wars-themed wedding.

The show must go on! Even if it's not a super-crazy-fun-halloween-star wars-themed wedding | Photo by Ori Kuper

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