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Top Tips for a Better Wedding Day | Tip #10

Your wedding day can feel somewhat hectic; there are a lot of things happening, some of them in a relatively short period of time, and the expectations are always staying high.

More from a 'general day-run’ point-of-view, but also from the wedding photography-related point-of-view, the ideas and pointers in our Top Tips for a Better Wedding Day series, would help you - brides, grooms and other wedding planners - to enjoy a better, smoother, wedding day.

Top Tip #10: Best of the best or at least the least worst

This one isn’t relevant for all weddings, but is definitely for some:

For your wedding party, when possible, pick people that can essentially help you ‘run the show’ smoothly, and less people that tend to create unnecessary drama. If there are some drama makers that you HAVE to include in your wedding party (due to family or other close relationships) and you expect them to DO create drama(s) - talk to them in a one-on-one meeting prior to the event, and politely ask them to not create such.

It’s the untold, unspoken of, hurting truth, but it’s better to nicely raise those issues prior to the event, then letting a situation getting out of control during the wedding day itself.

That way you’d prevent, or at least lower the chances for, some bitter experiences on your happy day.

The show must go on! Even if it's not a super-crazy-fun-halloween-star wars-themed wedding.

If not the best, then the least worst. Pick the right people for your wedding party | Photo by Ori Kuper

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