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Top Tips for a Better Wedding Day | Tip #5

Your wedding day can feel somewhat hectic; there are a lot of things happening, some of them in a relatively short period of time, and the expectations are always staying high.

More from a 'general day-run’ point-of-view, but also from the wedding photography-related point-of-view, the ideas and pointers in our Top Tips for a Better Wedding Day series, would help you - brides, grooms and other wedding planners - to enjoy a better, smoother, wedding day.

Top Tip #5: Don't forget those: the most expected, almost 'must have' parts to include in your wedding event:

When planning your wedding, sometimes it’s hard to remember all the different parts that build-up your event.

The list below is NOT a definite list, nor is the order of the parts in it, but it can be used as a basic break-down list, to mark the different parts in your wedding’s line-up. You can of course change/omit/add different things/change order, but it would still give you a good skeleton for your event’s timeline.

Those ‘schedule pointers’ or parts are, very generally-speaking, the most common or ‘expected’ to be included in your wedding and wedding day:

  • Preparations of your venue

  • Beginning or fine tuning of make up and hair

  • Dress-up start time bride + bridesmaids, groom+groomsmen

  • Bride/groom/wedding party gifts exchanging

  • Pre-ceremony photos of both sides

  • Ceremony

  • Post-ceremony photos

  • Special entrances of the newlyweds and/or wedding party for the reception

  • Blessings on the food

  • Food

  • Toasts

  • Cake(s) cutting

  • First dance

  • Parents’ dances

  • Anniversary dance

  • Money dance

  • Open dance floor for party

  • Garter toss

  • Bouquet toss

  • Last dance

  • Exit of bride and groom

Which parts will YOU include in your wedding?

Which parts will YOU include in your wedding? | Photo by Ori Kuper

Thoughts? Questions? Found anything helpful? We'd love to get your comments below! Also please like and share the love - so that other people would enjoy this blog post. Thanks!

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