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Top Tips for a Better Wedding Day

Your wedding day can feel somewhat hectic; there are a lot of things happening, some of them in a relatively short period of time, and the expectations are always staying high.

More from a 'general day-run’ point-of-view, but also from the wedding photography-related point-of-view, the ideas and pointers in our Top Tips for a Better Wedding Day series, would help you - brides, grooms and other wedding planners - to enjoy a better, smoother, wedding day.

1. A Day of Modeling

Anything that will happen throughout your wedding day will all be a part of a once-in-a-lifetime occasion. As such, it is needed for anyone involved and especially for the BRIDE and GROOM, the WEDDING PARTY and the immediate family - to be a bit more flexible and accepting during that day, for anything that has to do with photos-taking.

Think of it as a day of high-fashion modeling; the bride and groom will be modeling and showing off their love and fun with each other, the family will be modeling their support and happiness about their newly wedded kids/siblings/parents, the wedding party will show their friendship or close relations with the bride and groom, and everybody at all time would be modeling their beautiful or even fancy attires, and fun times.

Everybody have to be aware of the fact, that a LOT of photos will be taken, and that they are expected to act appropriately and show their honest love and happiness.

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2. The B Plan(s) - Weather

In locations where applicable, or during times where whether can change throughout the day – it’s always a good idea to have a B plan(s). The most common examples would be: indoor ceremony instead of outdoor ceremony, and indoor ‘dedicated photos-taking time(s)’ instead of outdoor.

Make sure you and your vendors are all on the same page as far as those ‘what-if’s and check your/their options to run the show on such B plan(s), if needed.

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3. It’s not all about the photos, but…

The photos captured on your wedding day, are going to be some of your only long-term memories from it; therefore it is O-K to spend the time(s) and work on location for taking the photos, and that time should be planned for, as part of your wedding-day schedule.

You should also ask everyone in your wedding party and immediate family for their cooperation, and let them know it’s needed and appreciated.

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4. Reverse engineer, and then some – Time planning

Your wedding day is normally a busy day. There is plenty to do and sometimes also plenty to drive.

Therefore it’s always better to plan the time needed per each ‘part’ throughout the day, and then add some ‘error-margin’ time to it.

That way if for some reason you or anyone else in your wedding party are somewhat LATE – it’s not going to affect the rest of your plan too much.

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5. The most common, basic parts to include in your wedding event:

When planning your wedding, sometimes it’s hard to remember all the different parts that build-up your event. Get a good general idea with the most common and expected parts – on the full page of this tip - in this link:

6. Let there be light!

Wherever there are strong, even, ambient lights inside a venue, on inner walls, the photos would simply look better, and with a better ‘depth’ to them.

Regardless of who’s in charge of the ambient lights setup in YOUR wedding venue, is definitely something to take into consideration when planning your celebration.

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7. Let your people go! (and do something)

The people in your wedding party are there because you have a special relationship or friendship with them.

It’s ok to get them to help you; both with preparations for, and tasks during – your happy day. Don’t be afraid of asking them for help! They are there FOR you! – When they do, it would take away some of the hecticness feeling and stress, and would give (you) a better chance to enjoy the special moments and celebration!

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8. Keep each other in the loop

Try to plan the wedding day and the schedule together with your fiancé or fiancée, or, at least keep each other in the loop, as per the final plan; What comes before what, and approximately when each part should start and end. That way both sides would be aware of what’s coming up, and they can help the friends and family cooperate accordingly.

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9. The show must go on

It must go on because in some aspects, that’s exactly what your wedding day is – a show.

If something changes, don’t freak out! Everything is going to be just fine! After all - your guests are there to enjoy and celebrate with you. And they would still be happy for you, even if there are minor delays or changes.

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10. The best of the best, or at least the least worst.

Relevant not for all, but yes for some: for your wedding party, when possible,

pick people that can essentially help you ‘run the show’ smoothly, and less people that tend to create unnecessary drama. If you’re ending up with some drama makers, talk to them in a one-on-one meeting prior to the event, and politely ask them to not create such. That way you’d prevent, or at least lower the chances for, some bitter experiences.

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Thoughts? Questions? Found anything helpful? We'd love to get your comments below! Also please like and share the love - so that other people would enjoy this blog post. Thanks!

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