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Top Tips for a Better Wedding Day | Tip #2

Your wedding day can feel somewhat hectic; there are a lot of things happening, some of them in a relatively short period of time, and the expectations are always staying high.

More from a 'general day-run’ point-of-view, but also from the wedding photography-related point-of-view, the ideas and pointers in our Top Tips for a Better Wedding Day series, would help you - brides, grooms and other wedding planners - to enjoy a better, smoother, wedding day.

Top Tip #2: The B Plan(s)

In locations where applicable (Houston, TX area is a great example!) and/or during times of the year where whether can change throughout the day – bringing strong winds, rain, hail or combinations of them - it’s always a good idea to have a B plan(s).

Why planS and not just one plan? Because you might end up needing to change more than one thing. The most common examples would be: indoor ceremony instead of outdoor ceremony, and indoor ‘dedicated photos-taking time(s)’ instead of outdoor.

The bride and groom might be aware of such an obvious need of B plans themselves, but they HAVE TO make sure that their vendors are aware of such potential need as well, and that THE VENDORS can switch, if needed, and accommodate - such B plans, in an efficient way.

Examples for such vendors would be the event’s venue (for indoor seating etc.), the DJ (for speakers and DJ station locations, cables, power source etc.), and of course – the event’s wedding-photographer (for indoor vs outdoor lighting options, photoshoot and posing locations, backgrounds etc.).

While to the naked eye, any of those changes or setup switches could seem easy – to those vendors it might mean a change or additions of equipment, etc. Make sure you and your vendors are all on the same page as far as those ‘what-if’s and check your/their options to run the show on such B plan(s), if needed.

If the weather outside is bad, you might end up needing to do things indoor. Be prepared!

If the weather outside is bad, you might end up needing to do things indoor. Be prepared! | Photo by Ori Kuper

Thoughts? Questions? Found anything helpful? We'd love to get your comments below! Also please like and share the love - so that other people would enjoy this blog post. Thanks!

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